Woman-Owned Business

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My name is Stamatia Papanikolaou. I’m the owner and founder of Accessibility Modifications Solutions, and I believe that everyone deserves to live in a place where they feel safe, self-sufficient and happy.

I spent years working as a stay-at-home mom, but once my children headed off to college, I was eager for a career outside the home.

Before I started this company, I worked for three years in the durable medical equipment field and saw many people with disabilities who had a need to be more independent.

People were suffering and feeling trapped in their homes, despite the advent of innovative technologies designed to help people live more independent lives.

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Our Mission at Accessibility Modifications Solutions

Through my research and work experienced, I discovered there are many ways to increase a person’s independence, and therefore improve their quality of life.

I decided to open my own company, because I learned there is a great need for home and vehicle modifications that leave people feeling safe in their homes and like they’re a part of the world at large.

That’s why we specialize in stair-glides, incline vertical lifts, vertical platform lifts, elevators, van conversions, ramps, decks, and bathroom modifications.

It’s my mission to help people live happier, healthier lives through these modifications, which is why we treat everyone who comes to us like family.

We look forward to assessing each customer’s needs and providing the renovations that help them on their journey to independence.