Ease of Use

Pride Lifts deliver smooth, easy operation. At just the push of a button or turn of a key your power chair or scooter is ready to go along with you.


Extensive testing, proven design and superb construction means Pride Lifts provide reliable, worry-free operation.

Clean Installation

Designed to blend seamlessly with your vehicle, Pride Lifts provide a clean installation that preserves the factory aesthetics of your vehicle.

Vehicle Lifts

Do you want to take your scooter or power chair on the road?

Are you looking for a new way to transfer your chair in and out of your vehicle? Do you need to improve the transition areas in or around your home?

In all of those cases, Accessibility Modifications Solutions can help. Working with Pride Lifts and ramps, we can offer adaptive solutions to meet all your accessibility goals.

Pride Lifts deliver smooth, easy operation for anyone who needs a wheelchair lift for a van.

Pride Lifts are:

  • Easy to use – All it takes is the push of a button to have your scooter or power chair ready to travel with you.
  • Reliable – You’ll get worry-free operation, backed by proven design, extensive testing and superb construction.
  • Installed cleanly – This wheelchair lift for vans is designed to seamlessly blend with your vehicle, preserving its factory aesthetics.


outlander easy loadingPride Outlander

The Pride Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift for scooters and power chairs is the most comprehensive lift of its kind.

A simple, hitch-based installation requires almost no modification for your vehicle and is easy to remove. The drive-on/drive-off platform allows loading from either end of the lift, taking the hassle out of getting your chair or scooter into the van in a busy parking area.

Consumers can choose from a one-hand retractable strap, scooter lock-down bar or power chair hold-down bar when they purchase the Platform Exterior Lift for scooters and power chairs.

backpacker plus easy loadingPride Backpacker® Plus

The interior lifts are specially designed for scooter and powerchair users, while still offering concealment and weather protection.

The Backpacker Plus’s low-profile, one-piece design allows for easy loading and unloading of your chair or scooter. Just drive on or off the all-steel platform.

These lifts feature a durable 12-volt motor with easy-to-use two button hand controls for simple, reliable use. Most applications don’t need modifications or drilling to install.

milford person lift easy transferMilford Person Lift

This is a quick and versatile wheelchair-to-vehicle transfer solution for a wide range of people. With a lift capacity of 330 pounds, the Milford Person Lift can be used essentially anywhere, and works in a wide variety of vehicles.

Sling sizes range from extra large to extra small, with amputee slings also available. The lift moves quickly, at the touch of the button, offering stress-free use for patients and caregivers.

Whether you’re running errands, going to work, or taking a vacation, the Milford Person Lift offers you or your family new ease and freedom while on the road.

zeus 260 compact swivel boomZeus 260

This interior boom-style crane lift is both extremely adjustable and engineered to fit most vehicles for use with scooters, manual wheelchairs and power chairs.

The Zeus crane lift lets you power your mobility device in and out of your vehicle, adjusts to most automobiles and is easy to remove when not in use.