Resources for Builders & Architects

Architects and buildersAs an architect or builder, we can offer you many tools and information to make your job easier. More and more people need products to improve mobility and we are here to help you find the right ones for your projects.

Home elevators, once thought of as an over-the-top luxury, have become more common in recent years. Driven in part by technologies such as space-saving machine roomless elevators like the Savaria Eclipse and also by an aging population, a home elevator is considered to add value to the home. 

Referred to as "design for a lifetime", the addition of a home elevator removes the barrier of stairs, allowing people to stay in their home longer, or include an extended family in their home more easily.

In public buildings, accessibility is being addressed everywhere. Government and private businesses alike understand how important it has become to provide access to all. We offer products to work in many different environments to ensure access that fits the architectural and building requirements.