Platform Lifts

Savaria Multilift VPLSavaria Multilift VPL

Designed for durability, the Savaria Multilift vertical platform lift easy accommodates wheelchairs with a capacity of up to 750 pounds.

Built to handle harsh climates, you can rely on this vertical platform lift for convenient access and trustworthy performance, either at home or on certain commercial accessibility products.

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Savaria V 1504 VPLSavaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift

For situations where a wheelchair user needs to safely navigate multiple levels, rely on the Savaria V-1504 Vertical Platform Lift.

Build for private homes and commercial/public spaces, this vertical platform lift’s highly versatile design can be customized to fit essentially any project and aesthetic requirements.

Whether you need a lift at a remote outdoor cabin or a high-end office space, the Savaria V-1504 is prepared to offer reliable performance, ease of use and a host of finish selections.

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Savaria Delta Inclined Platform LiftSavaria Delta Inclined Platform Lift

Wheelchair users can access straight stairways with the help of the Savaria Delta inclined platform lift. This is a unique system – it’s the only model of its kind currently on the market – which uses a modular guide rail system.

When it’s not in use, this lift folds up against the wall, allowing people to access the stairs. This Savaria Delta is easy to install, and a popular choice for homes, schools, and places of worship.

IMG 20170810 WA0005 RetouchedSavaria has designed a version of this lift for outdoor use, offering an ideal solution for people living on narrow city streets where sidewalk space is limited and wheelchair ramps aren’t an option.

With charging stations based at the top and bottom of the stair case, this battery-operated lift will keep running when your power goes out. There are four platform sizes to pick from, including an ADA-compliant option, as well as features such as folding seat, automatic folding and unfolding and a package for public buildings.

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