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Life is nothing if not uncertain. You might not need to modify your home now, but you also don’t know what the future holds. Accidents happen. People get sick. Families combine households, and aging parents move in with their children.

It’s why more and more people are designing their homes with accessibility in mind, to deal with the things that might be. These modifications can be as simple as grab bars in a bathroom, or something more complex, such as home elevators.

At Accessibility Modifications Solutions, we offer a number of residential elevator options, which can make life safer and more convenient, while also boosting the value of your home.

Savaria Telecab Home Elevator

3889901597516575Savaria Telecab residential elevators offer an ideal solution for anyone who needs an affordable, innovative mobility solution, but is pressed for space.

This two-stop elevator employs modular construction and a guide-rail that gets rid of the need for a hoistway, thus reducing your concerns about home elevator cost.

With a simple floor-cut out, the Telecab provides a “vanishing elevator” effect that leaves you with more usable space.

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Savaria Telecab17 Elevator

Savaria Telecab17 1This new offering is a stylish, space-saving, two-step elevator that passes through a simple floor cut-out to provide a “vanishing elevator” effect, giving you more space to use elsewhere.

Available in two standard sizes – each with an 845-lb. capacity –Telecab17 residential elevators can handle multiple passengers and heavier pieces of mobility equipment.

There is no hoistway needed thanks to a modular, fully-enclosed drive tower connected to a support wall, meaning you won’t need to concern yourself with expensive, complicated installations.

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Savaria Gearless Home Elevator

6396731420431510This elevator’s gearless traction system features whisper-quiet noise levels, with dual traction, heavy gauge ropes and high-density rubber guide rollers providing the smoothest ride, start and stop.

The Savaria Gearless elevator uses a bi-directional overspeed governor and slack cable safety break to ensure riders enjoy safe, reliable operation, while the unit’s uni-body construction offers structural consistency for all operational components.

You’ll need less overhead clearance and pit depth than with other designs, thanks to this elevator’s compact design. Finish the elevator with hardwood, veneer, or decorator vinyl laminate.

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Savaria Infinity Luxury Home Elevator

imagSynh47TeRvpIEnjoy a smooth, quiet ride with this elevator’s precision hydraulic drive technology, offering gradual acceleration and deceleration and automatic leveling at each landing.

With the Infinity, you can choose up to six stops and configure openings to meet the needs of your home and family. Add Savaria’s automatic slim doors for extra convenience.

This elevator comes with a selection of wood veneer finishes along with finely crafted hardwoods, although you can also have this elevator finished on-site to match the rest of your décor.

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Savaria Eclipse Home Elevator

151445579812929311These home elevators don’t require a separate machine room, meaning they take up less space and require less installation time.

Construction requirements are simpler, offering you easier installation and a ride that’s as smooth as any other elevator.

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Vuelift Round Home Elevator

955736194175232015Rethink your image of home elevators. This stand-alone solution from Vuelift requires no hoistway, ascending elegantly within the existing architecture of your home.

Perfect for homes during renovation, this elevator can also become the centerpiece of new construction, allowing uninterrupted, panoramic views of your home while ensuring independence and mobility for years to come.

Driven by an energy efficient winding drum motor, the Vuelift Round can be configured for up to six stops, with a maximum travel of 42.5 feet, delivering a ride that is an experience in itself.

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Vuelift Octagonal Elevator

329215148113991487Surround yourself with the perfect marriage of art and engineering, beauty and function with the Vuelift Octagonal elevator.

The minimal footprint provided by Octagonal residential elevators allows them to fit into existing spaces where standard units might not work. This elevator can be configured for up to six stops, with a maximum travel distance of 42.5 feet.

Enjoy sweeping views of your home while traveling with the help of this elevator’s energy-efficient motor, knowing you’ll get years of safe, dependable service from this new Vuelift offering.

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